Walking Circuits:

These are conducted through the streets and avenues, which offer a wide range of services for tourists. The duration varies between three to four hours. They can be done throughout the year.
*Circuit No.1: Downtown
*Circuit No.2: Visit to the Provincial Civic District
*Circuit No.3: Historic
*Circuit No.4: City Museums
Circuit No.5: Municipal Acuarium
*Circuit No.6: Serpentary Centro Anaconda
*Circuit No.7: Visit to the Cemetery of the Ciudad
*Circuit No.8: Mendoza Stadiums
*Circuit No.9: Mendoza Jewelry
*Circuit No.10: Local Fairs
*Circuit No.11: Churches in the city

Driving Circuits:

They are conducted through the streets and avenues, with all services for tourists and their vehicle. Its duration varies between four to five hours; it does not exceed thirty kilometres. They can be done throughout the year.

*Circuit No.1: City and history
*Circuit No.2: Nightlife
*Circuit No.3: City and surroundings
*Circuit No.4: Divisadero Largo Reserve
*Circuito Nro.5: Bus vitivinícola
*Circuito Nro.6: Mendoza City Tour
*Circuito Nro.7: Campo Histórico El Plumerillo
*Circuito Nro.8: Bodegas de Luján de Cuyo
*Circuito Nro.9: Cerro de la Gloria
*Circuito Nro.10: Parques y Plazas de Ciudad
*Circuito Nro.11: Ruta del Telégrafo – Parte I 
*Circuito Nro.12: Ruta del Telégrafo – Parte II


*Circuit No.1: Ecological
*Circuit No.2: Adventure
*Circuit No.3: Water Reservoir El Carrizal
*Circuit No.4: Alto Potrerillos
*Circuit No.5: Snow and the Andes crossing
*Circuit No.6: Mendoza River
Circuit No.7: Wineries bike ride
*Circuit No.8: Ski Resorts


*Circuit No.1: The wine roads
*Circuit No.2: San Martín history
*Circuit No.3: Agro tourism
*Circuit No.4: Water Reservoir El Carrizal
*Circuit No.5: San Martín Museums
*Circuit No.6: Historic Solar Molino Orfila
*Circuit No.7: Air Tourism in Rivadavia


*Circuit No.1: Diamond lagoon
*Circuit No.2: Historical Aple-tree and natural springs
*Circuit No.3: Cordón del Plata
*Circuit No.4: Agro tourism
*Circuit No.5: History
*Circuit No.6: The Andes crossing on a horseback


*Circuit No.1: Big Valley – Atuel Canyon – The Nihuil
*Circuit No.2: Diamond River Basin
*Circuit No.3: San Rafael high mountain
*Circuit No.4: City of San Rafael and surroundings
*Circuit No.5: El Sosneado
*Circuit No.6: Atuel waterfalls and lagoon
*Circuit No.7: Parks of Ciudad de San Rafael
*Circuit No.8: Squares of San Rafael
*Circuir No.9: Diamante Lagoon and Salt lands
*Circuit No.10: Aerial Parks in San Rafael
*Circuit No.11: Diving in the Valle Grande
*Other circuits


*Circuit No.1: The valleys circuit
*Circuit No.2: Witches cave
*Circuit No.3: Llancanelo lagoon
*Circuit No.4: Malacara Vulcano
*Circuit No.5: Reserve La Payunia
*Circuit No.6: Cuesta del Chihuido and Manqui Malal Falls
*Circuit No.7: Vulcanos from La Payunia
*Other circuits


*Circuit No.1: City of General Alvear and surroundings
*Circuit No.2: Watering places and lakes
*Circuit No.3: Historical circuit
*Circuito Nro.4: High mountain excursions
*Circuito Nro.5: General Alvear Museums
*Circuito Nro.6: Ecobike Rides
*Circuit No.7: Punta del Agua